Wellness Brings Sustainability to Business

Wellness Brings Sustainability to Business

I hear the word sustainable daily. I hear it in the food community. I hear that in the environmental community. I have heard more and more in business. The reason why sustainability is so important is something that goes over the lines and has brought many groups to focus on similar and combined efforts.

In other words, sustainability is important. The fact that so many of us hear about it, talk about and take action to improve it is proof that sustainability is something that we all care about. There are many ways to see sustainability, but there is no way to deny its significance.

Management. This goes without saying. Is there a company on the planet without a boss? The management also refers to other systems in the business. You have to manage to succeed.

Maintenance. There is a reason that we have repair staff, maintenance staff, plant managers and others who are required to retain parts of our business. If you do not hold anything, it will not be long.

Resources. This is something that hits home at any businessman. You need resources to get started. You provide resources to employees to serve customers. You provide resources to customers as the core of your business. Without resources we can not work.

Consequence. The effects of different factors on your business are summarized by all these things. When something happens, it has an effect. For each action, it is a reaction. It can be big, it can be small and it may be something that takes a while to realize. Regardless, it affects everything we do on business.

It is durability in a nutshell. You must consider the five factors to be sustainable in any area. Businesses are no different, as you can see. The absence of one of these things can quickly get a successful business to a screaming stop or prevent a new company from getting started at all.

Wellness is part of the business. Employee health has an impact on your business, no matter how you look at it. If an employee group is healthy, they are more productive, it costs less to insure them and there are better results overall.

This is the definition of influence. Employees health affects companies everywhere right now, whether they try to get an impact or not. These companies often want to be sustainable. They are often proud of sustainable business practices and processes that help them to be efficient, cost-effective and profitable. All of this leads to sustainability.

Healthcare we know is just getting more expensive. The companies find that it is increasingly difficult to provide employees. As costs rise, both employees and employers feel the pain. The problem with the current model is that no one is working for sustainability. Employees do not handle their resources or effects. Employers do not retain their labor and the entire system is driven by capacity. This increases the continued costs.

Capacity. How much do we have? How much health expenses can we afford? How many questions can we handle before making changes?

Management. Management refers to the systems in the business. Employee health is one of these systems. You must manage it to be successful. If you do not, you only pay more and you know it will happen. It is non-management.

Maintenance. Just like business equipment and facilities, it is cheaper to hold anything than it is to repair after long negligence or to replace directly. Maintaining employee health is the key to keeping costs down. Its so simple.

Resources. You get what you enter. When you do not enter anything, you will not get anything in return. We see this in all areas of life and business. By allocating resources to wellness, employees health is improved.

Impact. The impact of health on business is unbelievable. It can seriously hit a company or it can lift it and create future successes. It depends entirely on how the other four areas are handled. No matter what, health effects business.

Just like in some area, for something to be sustainable, you must be aware of the capacity, management, maintenance, resources and effects. When we apply these on business, we see how important they are. When we apply these to wellness on business, we see how positive they can affect the bottom line. When we do not apply them to wellness on business, we only see how negative impact can be.

Shelf life is important. There is something we need in all areas. Business is no exception. As for your business, you can easily ask yourself. Is my business sustainable? Take a step further and ask about your companys health and care plan.

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